Types of Event

MICE | Charity | Personal | Live Shows | Government | Sports | Entertainment | Art

Event management is a versatile segment where multiple category of event will take place, there is no limit for celebration, pleasure, entertainment, or any thing you can think for you or for your people to get relax or chill. This industry is very large  in terms of business and category of services. As i had written eight different categories of events in the starting of this chapter like ( MICE | Charity | Personal | Live Shows | Government | Sports | Entertainment | Art ). in this chapter we will discuss all these 8 category in detail one by one. If you want to make it your cup of earning, then you have to give few hours or days to study these chapters to understand the structure and planning procedures of all these eight category.

First we will discuss all the common procedures which we use in every event to make it working on ground. and then we start with the specific planning procedures and principles used in different event category.

  • understanding basic Requirements.
    1. Place (City, State, Country)
    2. Venue – Is it fulfilling all the requirement of event you are planning.
    3. Audience Size – evaluation for audience is compulsory to get accuracy.  
    4. Accommodation 
    5. Transportation and Route planning
    6. license and Govt. permissions
    7. safety and security measures
    8. Cost Evaluation and financial planning
    9. Vendors and Hirers
    10. Insurance
    11. Contracts and Agreements
    12. Invitations and passes
    13. Maps and layouts
    14. Structure and Fabrication
    15. Light and Decor
    16. Food and Beverage planning (Catering)
    Always remember as these sixteen points are common for all category of event whether it is corporate, social, charity, sports etc.